Artist Statement


I am interested in the nuanced differences in human communication 

through subtle facial expressions and what they tell us about the psyche of the individual. Our daily lives are filled with a very loud, fast paced, in your face, always on, contemporary digital media. We seem to value the exaggerated or highly expressive individual and overlook the distinctiveness of subtlety. I resist the tendency to show exaggerated expression for the sake of entertainment and attention getting. I prefer to celebrate the simpler, quiet moments of the human experience.

Brief Biography


In 1974 I began my career as a furniture maker in Lynchburg, Virginia. I received a BFA in Furniture Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1981 and returned to VCU in 1988 to complete an MFA in Furniture

Design. I have taught at Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA since 1992. For many years I taught furniture design but now teach primarily 3D modeling and rendering. My professional work has evolved over the years from making one of a kind furniture pieces to figurative sculpture and is currently focused solely on digital 3D portraiture.